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​The Fontana Historical Society is devoted to keeping the civic pride in the City of Fontana alive. Founded in April 1974, the Historical Society preserves and protects Fontana's hertiage through the active conservation of records and buildings. 

Our goal is to inform the public on the benefits of restoring and preserving the numerous vintage homes, buildings and artifacts throughout the City. Fontana has many landmarks such as the popular Pepper Street House and the Pagliuso Family Chapel. Through the restoration and preservation of landmarks like these we are able to raise public awareness to Fontana's history.​

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What we're looking for!

Anyone who is interested in preserving local history and has a passion for learning are more than welcome to become a Volunteer for the Fontana Historical Society. You could volunteer in either the Research House on Spring Street or the Historical Room located inside the Lewis Fontana Library. However, we are in need of volunteers at the Historical Room on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If interested, contact us or come to either locations to apply in person.

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Check out our new newsletter since 20 years! This is a great opportunity to show our members and supporters what we are doing in the community. As well, those who are interested in this organization this is another platform to get to know about us more. Please share!

Quarterly Membership Meetings

Every 3 months we host a Quarterly Membership Meeting to discuss future events. In addition, we have interesting presentations and informative guest speakers at these meetings. These events are free to the public.
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Working with the community to preserve local history.