Because there are so many different kinds of materials found in Our Collections--books, papers, photographs, maps, artworks, artifacts, just to name a few--there are many ways to search for and use the source material you need.

Join us to learn more about the intriguing history of the City of Fontana. Membership in the Fontana Historical Society is available to anyone with a passion to share in the City of Fontana's bountiful history and heritage.

The Fontana Historical Society is devoted to keeping the civic pride in the City of Fontana alive. Founded in April 1974, the Historical Society preserves and protects Fontana's hertiage through the active conservation of records and building.


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Working with the community to preserve local history.

For more than 50 years, Fontana Historical Society has devoted its energy to passionately preserve and protect Fontana's heritage. Find out how you can contribute to preserving the local history through donations of money and time.

Working with the community to preserve local history.

Fontana Historical Society

The Fontana Historical Society will be open by appointment only on Fridays from 2pm-3pm.

​Please email Victor Vollhardt to schedule an appointment